Kim Lachapelle is an amazing leader and coach. She identified the root of negative thought processes and perceptions that were blocking my energy and preventing me from taking my leadership to the next level. After working closely with Kim for three months, my ability to effectively lead my team has increased exponentially. I always believed I was a good leader, but now I see myself as a great leader and I am still utilizing the tools I gained in our sessions toward the goal of becoming an exceptional leader. Very reasonable cost for totally spectacular results! Very Highly Recommended!!!
Jacquie (Manning) Bainer
Integrated Security Services, Director of Communications & Strategic Development. Hunted on CBS
Kim Lachapelle is incredibly gifted in coaching successful leaders. She has the education, experience and energy needed to develop a leader. As my coach, Kim was able to provide valuable insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve upon these in my specific role as Production Manager at InCord. Kim has an approachable personality which in conjunction with her professionalism made her an ideal leadership coach. Kim would be an excellent addition to any company. In coaching, many of Kim’s examples were tested through experience and designed for a professional environment. For example, she provided information on effective delegation and then we went through how to apply this in my position. This had lasting effects, as I was able to grow with the company from managing 25 staff in two buildings to now 45 staff, three buildings and four departments and a promotion only two years after our sessions ended. Kim’s insight into how to lead with grace and professionalism were an invaluable source to my success. Kim’s energy is infectious. After our coaching sessions ended, I wanted to continue to do business with Kim. My company hosted a guided meditation and relaxation presentation led by Kim. She was extremely organized and held an excellent presentation in front of 75 people. Her professional manner and method for leading the meditation made all feel welcome and comfortable and although not quantifiable, helped the well-being of all employees who attended. From my experiences with Kim, it is evident that she has an attention to detail, is organized and always prepared, has a positive attitude and energy, and is comfortable in working with personnel at all levels of a company. I highly recommend Kim.
Meredith Shay
Operations Manager at InCord
It was an absolute pleasure to work/coached by Kimberley…she is great! Through our coaching I learned to recognize various pressure points and how to deal with them. For me, recognizing the trigger points and seeing how they influence my thoughts and actions brought clarity to my mind and taught me to respond even more positively to daily events, thoughts, and activities. I hope that others transitioning from the military into civilian work will reach out to Stand Beside Them and take advantage of the coaching program that is offered as I really enjoyed my interaction with Kim.
Bernie Spoerri
Operations Manager. US Army
“The timing could not have been more perfect to join in Kim Lachapelle’s Yes We Can! 15 Pounds in 3 Months Challenge. My daughter was getting married in 3 months. What I received from this group far exceeded my expectations. I was more confident, more aware, and changed my self-image to confidently wear a dress that I never would have even imagined trying on before. This program is not just about losing weight. It’s about leaving behind the negative thoughts and feelings and embracing a new mindset. Kim’s interactive group style and support, made this group stretch and work together. As a health and wellness coach, I know that weight loss goes far beyond numbers on the scale. It’s about mindset, consciousness, clarity and commitment to goals. The group dynamics were supportive, challenging and effective. Kim’s not about a quick-fix weight loss. She will help you dig deep into your thoughts, feelings and behaviors around food so that you can make lasting and sustainable changes. For anyone looking to change their mindset about health and fitness while losing weight, I highly recommend Kim Lachapelle’s group coaching program!.”
Denise F.
“I decided to work with a Life Coach because my life was in a rut. I was very unhappy with my career and the direction that my life was going. I was becoming depressed, anxious, and lost my energetic spirit for living that I once had. I knew that I needed to make major changes in my life, but I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. I wanted to build a new life, the life that I always dreamed of, but I needed support and direction. That is when I began my search and discovered Kimberley Lachapelle from her website. I now believe that Kim and I were brought together not by some random click of a mouse, but rather by divine intervention. From the first time I spoke to Kim on the phone she made me feel motivated and believe that my new life was possible. She is not only extremely intelligent and resourceful, but she is gentle and kind in her delivery. Kim first assisted me in determining what I wanted my future career to be and I decided to go back to school. I am now almost halfway through my professional certification and I love it! My conversations with Kim are certainly not limited to career goals. I also speak with Kim about goals related to my personal and family relationships. Since I started working with Kim my life has completely changed. Instead of being a lost soul wondering around life wondering where to go and what to do, I am now a confident woman with purpose, meaning, and direction in her life.”
“Few times in our lives do we have a chance to be supported in ways we don’t usually support ourselves. If you have a chance to get to know and work with Kim, don’t think about it too much…take the jump and allow yourself to be supported the way I did. She is a very special person, a wonderful human being and an amazing coach. You will be glad and grateful like I am.”
“Kimberley has provided coaching and mentoring to me on a personal level for several years. Her personal and professional integrity is unmatched and shines through in every session we have. Kimberley has helped me to see things from a variety of perspectives. Her skill as a coach has helped transition my ideas and dreams into the best possible outcomes. I recommend Kimberley regularly.”
“I have been working with Kimberley for over two months, and within the first two WEEKS we were able to establish major changes and breakthroughs. She is so easy to talk to and has never once let me down! You will not be disappointed!”
“Kim was the calming anchor that I relied on to re-direct my life and the choices I was making. Her perceptions and suggestions always enabled me to take the best action and achieve the results that would benefit me most. Kim exudes an energy that I want! Thank you Kim…a million times over.”
“I can truly say that I have experienced immediate results upon learning and implementing the concepts taught by Kim, especially the ‘Anabolic’ energy theory!.”
“Kim is an energetic and enthusiastic coach. I found her highly effective in asking the perfect questions to allow me to discover the next steps towards meeting my objectives. Her life and professional experience gives her a crisp competency which she combines with an understanding and encouraging heart. Anyone who takes Kim on as coach will experience the efficacy of her coaching process and benefit!”
“Working with Kim has helped build up my inner core and gain confidence to step out in this world. It has been a pleasure and a joy working with her.”
“I had the fortune to be coached by Kim. She was present, loving, nurturing and allowed me to be me and inspired me to reach for greatness and believe again that I deserve what I want and that it is possible if I am willing to do the work.”