Life Coaching

Coaching is a technology of personal and professional development based on concepts from sports, business, spirituality, psychology and organizational development.

A Certified Professional Coach helps you set larger, more rewarding goals, develop a strategy to achieve them, and provide support throughout the process.

The achievement of goals is something that comes more quickly as a result of the coaching partnership.

The coaching process helps you get more of what you really want while helping you to become more of who you really are.

Coaching works because of three unique features:

We become a team, focusing on your goals and needs and accomplishing more than you would alone.

You will take more action, think bigger and get the job done, thanks to the accountability provided.

I will help you make better decisions, set the best goals, develop new skills for communicating and restructure your professional and personal life for maximum productivity.

How Coaching Compares to Other Disciplines:

Consultants have an agenda and some possible answers, and bring that agenda and those answers to the client. They are experts in certain fields. Coaches, on the other hand, have no agenda except to help the client get what the client wants.
The main difference is that the consultant promotes themselves as the expert in certain aspects of life, and the coach accepts that the client is the expert and has within themselves the answer to any situation they may face.

It’s great to have a role model who has “been there and done that” and will “show us the ropes”, but a coach does not use their own personal experiences as a model of success for the client. The client is the expert on their life.
The coach is the expert on the coaching process and helps the client even without first-hand knowledge of what the client has experienced.

Therapy may be similar but the purpose is different- the focus is always on taking the client forward. The therapist’s typical functions are to help clients fix problems, overcome issues, and sometimes manage mental illness.

Coaches focus on solutions

Clients may come to the realization that the past is directly affecting the present situation, but this information usually comes from the clients themselves. In summary, the therapist usually helps the client figure out “why” things happen, while the coach helps the client focus on “how” to move forward.

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